Community Groups Help Shape Residents’ Lifestyles at StoneRidge

The best senior living communities understand the many benefits residents experience when they give back and work in collaborative ways with one another. That’s why StoneRidge in Mystic, Connecticut has established a committee system that empowers the residents to work together to help shape the lifestyle and activities at the community. Providing such a structure for self-determination fosters a sense of independence, self-reliance and personal control—all elements seniors look to maintain as they move into a community setting.

Residents Serve the Community and Each Other

Ruth Holland Walsh was among the first residents to move into StoneRidge when it opened more than a decade ago (2005), and she’s just as enthusiastic about it now as she was then. A self-described cheerleader of the community, Ruth is involved both on and off campus. As Chairman of the Residence Association she oversaw 14 different committees from art and conservation, to the country store, to employee appreciation. One committee that Ruth is particularly passionate about is the scholarship committee.

“In addition to employee appreciation, residents come together and offer scholarships to the hourly employees. These are based on donations of [community residents]. Some people are very, very generous, and others give what they can. Last year we gave about $42,000 in scholarships,” says Ruth. “It’s the most wonderful thing to invest in the future of a young person; these kids work so hard and are so diligent in their work here.”

Committee Connections Cultivate Healthy Living

The committee system obviously benefits the entire StoneRidge community, but there are also individual, more personal benefits for those who participate in the committees as well. Studies consistently indicate that seniors who are actively involved in service or volunteerism experience significant physical, emotional and cognitive health benefits. It connects them with their neighbors and peers, increases their circle of friends, and allows them to avoid a sense of isolation that can lead to depression.

Ruth likens her experience at StoneRidge to starting a new chapter that keeps getting better and better.

“Serving on committees and being part of the community helps me learn things that I didn’t know I didn’t know. It’s the wonder of this place,” says Ruth. “The administration here is made up of kind and wonderful people that do a great job of making each person feel so important. We work very closely with administration and try to get some people out who are not very active and get them part of the gang. That’s the wonderful part of all the things that happen here; it’s magical and I wouldn’t trade a million dollars for my experience here.”

StoneRidge builds a culture of connectedness and cultivates a healthy and independent lifestyle by utilizing a committee system that allows the residents themselves to help guide their day-to-day activities.

To learn more about how the residents of StoneRidge contribute to community well-being and have the opportunity to empower themselves and others, call 860-333-8995, or drop us a line via our contact page!


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