StoneRidge Fitness Program Keeps Seniors Fit and Fabulous

Seniors at StoneRidge senior living community in Mystic, Connecticut, get the location bonus of a breezy, relaxed, coastal life. But more than that, residents at StoneRidge celebrate healthy living on a daily basis with access to on-site amenities such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, a beautifully appointed clubhouse, and an indoor heated salt-water pool.

Seniors can stay fit at StoneRidge by participating in a myriad of fitness programs lead by Fitness Center Manager Tracey Godwin-Randolph. Tracey and her team are from the National Institute for Fitness and Sports (NIFS), and they specialize in senior exercise programs.

Fitness Choices for All Interests and Needs

StoneRidge offers a wide array of group exercise classes throughout each week, including Tai Chi, yoga, balance classes, meditation, Spanish, Aqua Fit, gentle stretch, and core classes. The most popular class, according to Tracey, is the balance class, with 40-50 residents attending each class.

“This is a medium intensity, standing-seated class – depending on each person’s ability. We hold this three times a week. The goal is to improve balance, muscle strength, and posture by using hand weights, thera-bands, and tennis balls. In addition, we work on breath and voice exercises.”

StoneRidge also offers personal training, walking field trips to local beaches and parks, senior fitness evaluations, and monthly health and wellness topics. “We offer a variety of classes to help meet the needs of our residents,” said Tracey. “We like to keep the programs fresh and new and the residents engaged.”

Every March, Tracey and her team hold a balance challenge program that provides helpful pointers on improving balance, topical and practical tips about how to avoid a fall, and exercise challenges that are specific to improving balance.

Tracey also highlighted another recent and popular event. “Last year we ran the StoneRidge Olympics to coincide with the Rio games and had our highest turnout for the entire month with over 90 residents participating and earning medals.”

Uniquely StoneRidge

Tracey feels that what makes StoneRidge fitness programming unique is that the focus is on building community. “At every class we have a question of the day. This could be something like ‘What was the first movie you ever saw? Or ‘Where were you born?’ Residents then say their first name and last name and share their answer,” Tracey shared.

“These types of questions lead to building interpersonal connections with everyone in the room. I have always been astounded by how often we see someone in our everyday lives without ever learning their name. This activity encourages sharing and building friendships.”

There are a plethora of positive benefits to staying fit, no matter your age. Tracey said her goal for seniors at StoneRidge is to help them realize the importance of being as healthy and fit as possible at every stage of life. “I personally believe that fitness is the fountain of youth. My goal is not to try and get anyone to live to be 150 years old. Instead, I want people to realize that by staying fit and healthy, if you are challenged by an illness or injury, you are much better able to survive, recover, and get right back to living.”

To find out how you can become a part of StoneRidge senior living community, get in touch with us at 860-333-8995.


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