How We Combat Covid-19 Our Art Solutions

A collage of Stoneridge dining take-out containers featuring black main entree containers, white soup and dessert containers and individual wine bottles offered at every meal… all were recycled in better daysMade of all re-purposed material to keep me engaged during the Covid-19:  Foam boards found in my closet, plastic meal containers, bits of newspaper headlines, parts of the New Yorker and covers of other magazines read during this unusual period.
Second piece uses plastic packaging from dinners and wines Stoneridge catering so  generously provided. 

My husband, Ed, sourced the proper adhesives, donated shoe laces for hanging wire and reformatted the magazine covers to fit.
City Wall - 2 collages
City walls are often used as a backdrop for advertising, art, graffiti, and politics. This is my impression of a city wall in a time of crisis.

Eve Chapin brought me out of a Corona funk by bringing me an envelope with scraps of paper and said. Delbert Dragon-  just because he tickled my funny bone!
Green shawl- from one of my favorite designers.

3 necklaces and bracelets, 
1 pair of earrings. 
All my new jewelry is silver and gold, Shiny and enduring like  
Friends new and old. 
A combination of stained-glass paint and sea glass collected from local beaches. 5 knitted scarves and 3 pair of socks...
It's What I do.    
A simple stained-glass painting created when testing paint colors.I am a graphic designer who worked with paper.  I recently moved to StoneRidge with way too much paper!  Decided to use it to make Change of Address Cards!14 Needle point Christmas Ornaments for my grandchildren. This is the 21st year I have made a needle-work ornaments for my grandchildren.  I took this time that we are 'at home' to get them done.

All the grandchildren, 5 girls and 6 boys, appreciate and look forward to them each year.
I am a graphic designer who worked with paper.  I recently moved to StoneRidge with way too much paper!  Decided to use it to make Change of Address Cards!Nantucket Bread Basket
Wedding present for a wonderful woman and her guy.  Daryl is my physical therapist. I have known her since she was a little girl.
The basket is not finished because I decided it had too many mistakes in the weaving.  So, I recently cut out all the weaving and started again... My teacher would be proud as she taught us to 'Do It Right!'

The Covid-19 virus has given me carte blanche to work on these projects without the guilt of 'getting stuff done.'
A fellow resident could not finish this model of the yacht America for health reasons, so he gave it to me at the start of the Corona virus problem.  I was able to finish it and gave it back to him. On his passing it was again back with me.   This yacht America has made a small journey in its own way.My thoughts about space we are in due to our Covid - 19 situation.My journey through COVID-19 and Radiation Therapy April 6 -May 8, 2020.
I did it because I like a challenge, and it sounded like fun. 
It became a compulsion!

I accepted the Stoneridge art challenge of painting an art project -a-day for 30 days, beginning April 6th.  
It coincided with COVID-19 and overlaps my 20 days of radiation therapy. I am amazed at the process and the results! There are foretellings and marvelous happenings. AND I can box the cards and recycle my tri-fold!
Done in stained glass paint.
I was introduced to this medium by Kate Hilbert in one of her Stoneridge art classes and have been experimenting with it ever since. 
Colored pencil drawing: 
Our dog, Sydney, copied from a photo. Last summer I acquired a large set of colored pencils thinking they would be a cleaner medium than acrylics to use in
our apartment. Covid-19 gave me some time to learn to use them.  
I am not sure I like the medium, but I now have no excuse not to try again.
Last year I made a sculpture of different species of leaves copied from live samples of leaves here at Stoneridge.
I decided to use a tracing of one of the oak leaves to create a single copper leaf mounted in a small oak frame for each of our combined siblings and children.  
The four leaves displayed here show the main steps in the leaves' creation.
Residents were asked to describe why they chose to create this particular object and what it meant to them. Covid-19 requires that we stay apart, but if you share a few personal thoughts we will feel closer together.