StoneRidge Resident Receives the Hearing Loop Award


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StoneRidge Resident Receives the Hearing Loop Award

This award recognizes individuals who have created awareness about the benefits of loop technology to a broad audience and/or been successful in getting loop technology installed in local communities.

David Abell, Connecticut

For the past 20 years, David Abell has been finding opportunities for hearing loop installations. He was instrumental in getting hearing loops installed in every chamber, visitor’s gallery and meeting room of the Rhode Island Statehouse. When David moved into StoneRidge in 2021, he took it upon himself to interview every resident using a hearing aid and spent time educating them about the benefits of telecoils and hearing loops. He wrote newsletter articles, organized presentations and eventually convinced Life Care Services, owner of StoneRidge to install a loop in the Auditorium. Besides reaching out to fellow hearing aid users, David has worked to educate librarians, lawmakers, ministers, audiologists and hearing instrument specialists.