Moving to StoneRidge


Moving to a senior living community can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll meet interesting people, make new friends and enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle filled with opportunities for fun, fitness and fulfillment. If you move to a senior living community like StoneRidge, you’ll also have the security of knowing that if your health needs change, you can get the care you need right here on campus.

Still, there may be one thing stopping you from taking the plunge, and that’s downsizing. Nobody looks forward to it, but we can make the process less daunting with these senior downsizing tips.

“StoneRidge connected us to a downsizing specialist who showed us the size of our rooms and what furniture would fit. Everything was on a computer. They recommended the movers for us, who packed us up, moved it down here from our home in Rhode Island, and unpacked it for us. That was a tremendously good thing.”

-John Moser, resident

We Help You Navigate Every Step Of The Way

If you’re considering a move to StoneRidge, now is a great time to do it. You can take advantage of a seller’s market and maximize the sales profit of your home. If it’s been years since you sold a house, you’ll be pleased to learn that the process has become easier and safer. Online listings and social media make it easier to reach more buyers. Virtual showings are replacing open houses. And documents can be signed electronically at a distance.

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8 tips to help you downsize like a pro.

1. Make a plan. If you have a moving date in mind, you can plan workdays to get the job done without exhausting yourself. Define goals for each workday on your calendar and write down who will need to be involved to accomplish those goals. Involve friends and relatives early so they can be ready to help when those days arrive.

2. Start early. Give yourself time to approach the process methodically. Start months ahead of moving day and sort one room at a time. The key to downsizing is not finishing the process; it’s starting it.

3. Keep sorting sessions short. About two hours is ideal. Start with the simplest room first. If you start with the most complicated area you may get discouraged and quit. Starting with a simple room helps build your confidence.

4. Use the new space as a guide. When deciding what to take with you, it’s essential to know the measurements of your new living space. Taped off floor space in your current home may help you visualize where each item will fit in your new home.

5. Focus on the most-used items. Don’t go by the newest and the best; go by what you use on a regular basis. If you’re not sure, set the items aside, preferably out of sight, and see how you get along without them. You might be surprised how little you notice they’re gone.

6. Identify why it’s important to you. Be able to articulate each item’s purpose. Is it necessary? Is there sentimental value to the item? Is it of significant financial value? Would a family member or friend appreciate it or use it?

7. Think twice before selling items on your own. Craigslist, eBay and other options are time-consuming when you’re trying to downsize a houseful of stuff. If you’re selling something of high value, consider getting it appraised by an auction house.

8. Feeling overwhelmed? Call in the professionals. Moving Made Easy®, home sale and relocation support.

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