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Cheers to 20 Years! A Look Back at StoneRidge’s Anniversary Celebration

A symphony of laughter, the clinking of glasses, and the warmth of shared memories filled the air as StoneRidge celebrated a momentous milestone: its 20th anniversary. For two decades, our vibrant community has been more than just a place to live; it’s been a haven of friendship, care, and shared experiences.

As we recap this extraordinary event, you’ll discover the unique charm and unwavering commitment that has made StoneRidge a beloved home for so many. Get ready to relive the joy,  camaraderie, and spirit of celebration that unfolded on this special day.

A Garden Party To Remember

Stepping onto the grounds of StoneRidge, guests were transported to an elegant garden party. Colorful blooms adorned every corner while the melodies of The Cartells, a local jazz ensemble, filled the air, inviting residents to dance the afternoon away.

As friends and neighbors, dressed in their finest summer attire, mingled and shared stories, an assortment of delicious refreshments added to the festive atmosphere.

Joyful conversations filled the afternoon air, creating an ambiance of warmth and camaraderie under the afternoon sun. It was a beautiful celebration of the bonds, both old and new, that make StoneRidge a true home.

Where Retirements Bloom and Friendships Flourish

At StoneRidge, community isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life. With more than 300 residents calling our community home, there are countless opportunities to forge meaningful connections.

Whether it’s sharing a laugh over dinner, exploring shared interests in one of the many clubs or lending a helping hand during challenging times, the bonds of friendship run deep here.

“Sports, the Arts, humor, compassion, and friendship along with an extraordinary staff, combine to make StoneRidge a special place called home.” – Kitsy Garfield, resident for 20 years

The 20th-anniversary celebration was a testament to this spirit of togetherness. Residents who  met years ago at StoneRidge reminisced about shared experiences, while newer members of the community embraced the opportunity to create lasting memories.

Senior woman in wheelchair enjoying an event


Meet Saren and Derick

Many years ago, two 17-year-old kids at a party in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shared a dance. Their friendship endured through the years, encompassing their spouses and significant others.

Years after that first dance in Pennsylvania, their lives eventually took them to Hartford, Connecticut, and nearby Stonington Borough, where they continued to cut a rug at countless social events.

Now in their 90s, both of those kids were present to celebrate StoneRidge’s 20th anniversary. As the band began to play Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”, Saren turned to Derick and said, “Let’s dance!” And they danced again.

It was a heartwarming reminder that at StoneRidge, everyone is part of a larger family, a tapestry woven together by shared laughter, purpose, and a commitment to living life to the fullest.

A Legacy of Compassionate Care

At the heart of StoneRidge’s 20-year legacy lies an unwavering commitment to compassionate care. A team of dedicated professionals, driven by a deep understanding of individual needs, ensures that every resident feels valued and supported.

“The biggest reason I’m still working at StoneRidge after 20 years is that I love my job and it is the veritable truth! Where else do you get to work with people you consider family, both residents and staff, and spend the day having fun? I Love everything about StoneRidge and, if it is up to me, I will still be working here in another 20 years!” – Matt Haut, Director of Culinary Services

From assisted living and memory care to skilled nursing, rehabilitation, respite care, and hospice care, the continuum of care at StoneRidge is designed to provide peace of mind and foster a sense of well-being at every stage of life. The anniversary celebration was not only a tribute to our community but also a heartfelt recognition of our staff’s unwavering dedication.

Residents and their families echoed a common sentiment: The care provided at StoneRidge goes beyond technical expertise; it’s a personal touch, a genuine concern for each individual’s well-being that makes all the difference!

“What I love most about working at StoneRidge are the Residents. The Residents at StoneRidge treat us all like family and appreciate everything we do!” – Brian Cahoon, Refurbishment Technician

Seniors dancing on a dance floor


A Bright Future Rooted in Partnership and Innovation

As StoneRidge celebrates two decades of excellence, the community looks ahead with unwavering optimism. Our continued partnership with Life Care Services, an  LCS company, a national leader in senior living, ensures that StoneRidge remains at the forefront of innovation and resident-focused care. Through LCS’s Signature Experiences, residents can expect enhanced safety, proactive wellness programs, and a commitment to elevating everyday life.

The Extraordinary Impressions® philosophy, which has shaped StoneRidge’s welcoming culture from the beginning, will continue to guide the community’s approach to hospitality and resident engagement.

With a focus on creating exceptional experiences, StoneRidge is poised to build upon its legacy of warmth, compassion, and a deep commitment to fostering a fulfilling lifestyle for all who call it home.

It’s Your Turn To Celebrate!

For 20 years, StoneRidge has been more than just a place to live; it’s been a tapestry of friendship, a sanctuary of compassionate care, and a testament to the power of partnership and innovation. As we raise a glass to this milestone anniversary, we invite you to experience the charm of StoneRidge for yourself.

Call 860.333.8995 or schedule a personalized visit online to experience a community where you can embrace the vibrant retirement lifestyle you’ve been searching for.