The Artistic Talents of StoneRidge Residents


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The Artistic Talents of StoneRidge Residents

At StoneRidge, a senior living community nestled in the heart of Mystic, CT, creativity is a way of life. The vibrant community is home to residents who actively engage in a variety of artistic pursuits, fostering a culture of shared experiences and creative expression.

Taylor Palmer, Community Life Services Assistant at StoneRidge, said “We offer so many ways for our residents to be creative each month. We have resident-led watercolor classes, a monthly poetry reading, memoir writing, crafts, and we are always adding more.”

Taylor added, “One of our monthly offerings is a craft class with the Mystic Museum of Art. They bring all the supplies, and one of their instructors walks residents through a project from start to finish. Anyone can participate in these classes no matter what their art skills are.”

With plenty of opportunities to connect with their inner artist, StoneRidge residents are eager to create and display their art. One resident, Trisha Grabel, opened an art show called “Creative Expressions,” in the community art gallery.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the artistic talents of three remarkable StoneRidge residents—Carol Taylor, Sue Davis, and Carole Barnard, and explain how beneficial the arts can be to any and every older adult’s well-being.

Carol Taylor: Cultivating a Sense of Community Through Creativity

Carol Taylor is an active participant in various creative events, and she plays a pivotal role in building connections among residents. For Carol, the joy of creating comes from the satisfaction of knowing that her efforts contribute to a welcoming and caring environment.

“The inspiration to create a welcoming and caring environment results from the gratification of knowing that someone may be positively inspired in their approach to life, with a focus on living life to its fullest while passing this approach on to others,” said Carol.

One of Carol’s standout creations is a collection of 70,000 prehistoric shark teeth—a testament to her dedication and passion in her artistic endeavors.

Carol said, “I have shared [this art] with others. Although most are small, many species of sharks are represented in the collection. The teeth represent hours of scouring Southwest Florida beaches with friends in pre-dawn hours over an eleven-year period. Some of the teeth have been used in jewelry, and some are enjoyed in bowls and on platters. It was my pleasure to exhibit the collection for StoneRidge residents in our auditorium.”

Sue Davis: Quilting, Art, and Community Engagement

Sue Davis is a dynamic force within StoneRidge, involved in a myriad of creative and sporting activities.

Sue said, “I am participating in the StoneRidge quilt group in teaching, as well as creating Quilts of Valor for resident Veterans. I am involved in creative and sports activities, including many art classes, especially the watercolor class; pool volleyball; and bocce league; and am on the committee for the Holiday Stroll. I have just joined the Scholarship Committee, which gives out scholarships to deserving students employed at StoneRidge.”

One of Sue’s most cherished works is the creation of Quilts of Valor for resident Veterans. These meaningful quilts, personally distributed during a special luncheon, embody Sue’s commitment to giving back to the community.

When asked what inspires her to create, Sue answered, “Many things inspire me to create. The first is the sense of camaraderie and engagement with others. Fun and feedback are also important, and to discuss the finished product.”

Carole Barnard: Bringing Broadway to StoneRidge

Carole Barnard thrives in the artistic atmosphere at StoneRidge, where her experience comes to life in entertaining and educational ways. From singing in the Chorus to organizing creative events like the Holiday Stroll, Carole brings a wealth of experiences to the community.

Carole said, “I have been able to bring a few things myself to entertain the residents. One of those was a Holiday Stroll, where 10 residents opened their homes for an apartment tour, most of them decorated for the holidays. About 100 residents enjoyed seeing how other residents decorated their apartments and got new ideas. Refreshments were served, so it was an opportunity to gather for fellowship and socialization.”

Carole added, “The other thing I’ve done is to put together a play reading group to read Broadway plays for an audience. That has been a very popular, well-attended event. The first play was ‘Over the River and Through the Woods.’ In March, we will be reading Neil Simon’s ‘Plaza Suite’ with a very enthusiastic cast.” She noted how organizing these events is great fun for her, and she believes her fellow residents enjoy them, too.

Celebrating Artistic Diversity at StoneRidge

At StoneRidge, the golden years are painted with strokes of creativity, where residents find fulfillment and joy in expressing themselves through various artistic mediums.

The artistic talents of Carol Taylor, Sue Davis, Carole Barnard, and countless others contribute to a vibrant and dynamic senior living community that celebrates the beauty of life.

Taylor Palmer said, “We have residents who have never picked up a paintbrush that have continued through four sessions of watercolor. Our resident who holds these classes is a fantastic teacher. Each of her sessions has expanded on the last, and she continues to teach watercolor basics as well. It has been a joy to see our residents step into their own creativity through both teaching and being students of art.”

She continued, “I think that seeing new residents try new things is the most rewarding part of our jobs in Community Life Services. It is not easy to jump into activities when you are still trying to find your way around and meet new people. Our creative activities are such a great way
to do that. Our offerings are often in a smaller group setting, and getting to see new
residents joining in and making new friends is such a fun experience.”

The activities calendar at StoneRidge showcases the rich tapestry of creative endeavors undertaken by its residents. From art clubs to play readings, the community embraces a wide range of artistic expressions.

The Empowering Impact of Creative Expression for Seniors

When residents at StoneRidge are getting involved with art, they’re also gaining a lot of physical, emotional, and social health benefits. Take a look at the ways that art can benefit the health of older adults:

Cognitive Stimulation
Engaging in artistic activities sparks creativity, problem-solving, and new neural connections, promoting cognitive health and mental agility for seniors.

Emotional Well-Being
Art provides a therapeutic outlet for self-expression, fostering a profound sense of accomplishment and positive emotions, contributing to emotional well-being.

Social Connection
Participating in communal artistic pursuits in clubs and classes creates a vibrant social hub, helping seniors build friendships, share experiences, and combat feelings of isolation.

Stress Reduction
Artistic expression induces a therapeutic state of flow, diverting attention from worries, promoting relaxation, and positively impacting mental and emotional well-being.

Enhanced Quality of Life
Pursuing artistic passions adds vibrancy to daily life, bringing a renewed sense of purpose, excitement, and fulfillment, contributing to an enhanced overall quality of life. Creative expression becomes a lifelong companion in the senior years.

Find Your Ideal Retirement at StoneRidge

StoneRidge is finding new ways to involve residents in creative endeavors. Taylor Palmer said that she’s excited about the new Community Life Services Associate, Ceilidh, who will be doing drawing and painting classes.

“I am excited to see how our residents progress in those classes and see their work on display in our art gallery and ‘Featured Artist’ spotlight,” Taylor Palmer said.

Taylor Palmer also mentioned StoneRidge’s relationship with the Mystic Museum of Art. “They host classes here at StoneRidge once a month that vary from paint and sips to found-object collages. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with the Mystic Museum of Art and
seeing the artwork out on our residents’ ledges for display,” she said.

At StoneRidge, residents can create art and pursue their passions each day. These exciting activities promote self-expression along with creating friendships with fellow artists. Give us a call today at 860.333.8995 to see our community and artistic opportunities for residents in person.